Borbro R1200/1250 GS LC ADV seat

for BMW R1200/1250 GS LC Adventure

Ergonomic comfort driver seat for the following motorcycle types:
BMW R1200/1250 GS LC Adventure.

The sitting height of the R1200/1250 GS LC driver seat is similar to the original normal height (so, not the lowered) BMW driver seat of this bike, but it offers a more stabile sitting position and good surface angle and shape without the need of having the seat's front risen.

The top of the seat got a spoonshaped and wider sitting part to improve the weight distribution for the driver, but meanwhile the cushion became also more rounded below the thighs to terminate the unpleasant pressure points at that area.

The Borbro R1200/1250 GS LC ADV driver seat also features our already known Comfort Groove to avoid the frequently occuring pain of the tail bone during the longer rides.

(If you need a seat for your R1200/1250 GS LC (- not the Adventure version) - that has about 1,5cms lower driver seat and different pillion seat - then you'll find its product page here.)

In case you purchase a Borbro seat, you DO NOT have to return your original BMW seat - unlike at most other aftermarket seat brands -, because that's not what we work from!
We build a complete new seat for you, much more comfortable than the original!

Borbro R1200/1250 GS LC ADV seat price: 290 EUR

The price above is without the packaging and shipping costs.

Harmonizing pillion seat cover: 50 EUR


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