Order & Contact

To place an order or to send us your questions, opinion, suggestions and ideas in connection with our products or our website just click here or type the borbro@digikabel.hu and - to be sure - the gborbely@t-email.hu e-mail address as well into your mailing system. We thank you for them in advance.

After your order, we get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the details.

In case you purchase your Borbro seat, you DO NOT have to return your original factory seat - unlike at most other aftermarket seat brands -, because that's not what we work from!
We build a complete new seat for you, much more comfortable than the original!

For paying we prefer normal bank transfer.
It's also possible to pay through PayPal, but in this case, please consider, that at least a part (10 EUR) of the plus costs of this paying method should be also payed by the customer or it has to be arranged with transfer fees charged upon the money sender.

Generally the seats' production can be finished in about 12-14 days recently (depending on the actual capacity), and the money transfer should be initiated just after the manufacturing. Then the parcel is getting delivered to your given post address by GLS shipping company.
(The sending of a single seat from Hungary to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland for example costs 25 EUR (- Austria, Slovakia: 24 EUR; the Netherlands, Belgium: 27 EUR), and lasts generally 3-4 workdays.
For the freight costs and delivery times to further destinations, please, contact us.)

Packaging cost: 5 EUR

At the time of order it can be useful to write us your weight to be able to choose the best cushion hardness option for your saddle.


You're looking for a more comfortable seat for your BMW R1200 GS LC?
The new Borbro R1200 GS LC seat is already available. Choose our better support for your bottom at a reasonable price. Ergonomic shape = Painless sitting = Joyful ride = Bigger adventure! Find the details here.

Not satisfied with the seat comfort level on your BMW F650/750/800GS?
Then change your saddle to the new Borbro F650/750/800GS touring seat, and experience a totally new sitting feeling on your machine. Further things to know: here.

Borbro touring seat for BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure
You're fed up with the continous slipping on the tank during your rides on your 1200GS? Check out the comfort features of the Borbro 1200GS touring seats here.

Borbro K75-K100 solo seat for bike builders
Older K series seems to live their second life, and they often serve as a base for cafe racer or other buildings. Learn more here about our offer to have your own customized solo seat for your K75 or K100 bike, or any other type where our baseplates can fit well.