Solo seat

Borbro K75-K100


Unique custom designed Borbro solo seat (or just the baseplate) for BMW K75, K100 building projects.

We prepared it to ourselves but now it's already available for anybody who's interested in making his old Flying Brick customized.

The seat pan was prepared for a certain bike, which also means that we can guarantee that it will fit on your bike just if the parts that we've dismounted from our bike around the seat are already removed from yours, too. (Side panels, tail, plastic box cover below the seat.)

This laminated fiber glass base pan gives the increased comfort possibility for your cushioning without the pressure points of the stiffening ribs on the original molded baseplate.

The seat is avaialable in 3 preparational stages, to let you create the final piece according to your own needs and style if you want, or to be able to use the base pan for other bikes as well. But you can also tell us your requirements relating to our seat shape shown on the photos and we can prepare the final piece as well to you.

Laminated baseplate: 75 EUR

Complete baseplate (with flattened surface and holding fittings): 120 EUR

Seat with cushioning and upholstery (- built according to your needs): 270 EUR

The prices above are without the freight cost and include VAT.

In case you would use this product for any other bike building project, please ask for the dimensions or other details.


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